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First Choice Lending Group is Canada's top funding partner for all businesses. We source out the best rates and working capital terms for your new and growing business. Our partners are top ranked Canadian funders including major banks, and together we bring you the best loan and leasing options available at a great rate.


A Small Business Loan Means More Options for Your Canadian Business

You have plenty of options when it comes to small business loans - you can put the money toward nearly any business expense! Consider just a few of the many options:


Get the word out about your business.


Make sure you don’t run out of your most popular products.


Open another location and increase the reach of your small business.


Access more than 10 loan programs custom-fit to your needs, including SBA loans.

Go further with a company that sees your potential


You’ll work one-on-one with a lender dedicated to understanding your business and your borrowing needs.

We don’t just make loans, we make loans possible. First Choice Lending Group balances speed and diligence to ensure you’re getting the right loan for your business—now, and for the future.


Start an application online where and when it works for you.




Select Your Service


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We Will Be in Touch

Whether you need cash, want to build credit, get out of debt, purchase a business or grow it, First Choice Lending Group has a solution for you. Small Business Loans is our expertise and we have helped hundreds to start their own business or taking it to another level. Select the service that best suits you to start.

Select one of the services and submit an application by clicking "APPLY NOW" or book an in-person or an online appointment by heading to our "BOOK ONLINE" tab on the top of the website. Please make sure to fill out all the details so we have a better understanding for your funding needs. 

After you submit your application or book an appointment with one of our experts, we will reach out to you as soon as possible with all your financing needs. We do all the hard work for you. Our proprietary technology automatically sorts through our lender network to find you the best offers and help you reach your goals faster.


Supporting Canada's Small Business Owners

There’s no doubt Canada is big. But, Small businesses make up 98 percent of all Canadian businesses.* The incredible number and variety of small businesses like yours can’t be overlooked. With so many opportunities, it’s no surprise Canada has a thriving small business scene.

Remaining stable as a small business and capitalizing on growth opportunities can be difficult in such a competitive environment, especially when you’re short on funding. How can businesses get the Canadian small business loans they need to grow, expand, diversify and succeed?  First Choice Lending Group is here to help small businesses get the funding you need. Our lenders include major Canadian financial institutions including, Bank of Montreal, RBC and many private lenders.

Take a bite out of the Big Apple with a small business loan from First Choice.

“Small businesses make up 98% of all Canadian Business businesses.”

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Our Experience Can Help You With

Business Loans

We work with major Canadian banks and private lenders to get your business loan approved at best interest rate and flexible repayment terms. We believe in approving funding for a business by looking at the ongoing financial data and life of the business, not just the credit score. We’re faster, more reliable than crowd sourcing, and flexible with our borrowers!


Line of Credit

When you find that your operating expenses are increasing faster than your revenue, you may need quick access to cash. In this case, you might consider a business line of credit, which offers several advantages over other forms of financing. A line of credit is a smart way to manage your cash flow that lets you access the funds you need, when you need them

Leasehold Improvements

Leasehold improvements refer to any upgrades a business owner may make to a leased space. Whether it’s upgrading the plumbing or installing custom cabinets, renovating a restaurant, there are a number of ways a business can use these improvements to their advantage — especially if they’re experiencing rapid growth.

Replacing Tiles

Business Expansion Loans

All small businesses have one thing in common: the desire to grow and expand. The fact of the matter, however, is that businesses need capital to achieve this goal and we at First Choice, help you achieve it with the business expansion loans.

Learn More

Truck & Trailer Loans

At First Choice, it is easy to get the truck and trailer financing no matter where in Canada you are located. You can get small and large commercial trucks along with any type of trailer you need with quick and easy financing.


Equipment loans

Equipment loans are useful tools which are specially offered to ensure that businesses can maintain smooth operations. Getting the right equipment financing or equipment leasing in Canada is critical to successful business operations.

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Let's Get Started

Please submit the form below and we will reach out to you ASAP with all your business funding needs.  

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"Most of The Important Things in The World Have Been Accomplished By People Who Have Kept on Trying When There Seemed to Be No Hope At All" 

-Dale Carnegie


Why should I apply with First Choice instead of with a lender directly?

In short, you'll save time and probably a lot of money! It's important to compare different options instead of going with the first one you find. If you apply with one lender and get rejected, you'll have to restart the process with another lender making the process even more complicated. First Choice simplifies this process with a single, unified application that connects you to the best loan offers. Our partners are top ranked Canadian funders including all major Canadian banks. Together, we bring you the best business loan to help you start or expand your current business. 

Can I apply even if I have bad credit?

Absolutely! We know that many Canadians face challenges in qualifying for loans and other services due to their credit score. However, this should not be stopping you from achieving your business dreams. In fact, our system enables Canadians to qualify for any loan regardless of their credit score.

What is the interest rate of a bad credit loan?

It depends on your financial profile and varies on a lender by lender basis. Some lenders will skip on your credit score and look at other factors, such as income and employment, before making their  decision. Usually the cost of a loan is associated with the level of risk associated with the borrower, and that depends on multiple factors. We, at First Choice Lending Group, work closely with you and the lender in order to provide you with the best interest on your desired business loan. 

Why should I trust First Choice Lending Group

We have been helping Canadians find the best business loans since past 10 years, and hundreds of Canadians trust our services each year. We have worked very hard to build relationships with Canada's best financial institutions to simplify the borrowing experience for all Canadians. We not only work with you to get the business loans approved. We will be with you at each and every step until you get what you wanted to achieve. We are not just a lending group, we are a family of hundreds of business owners who we have helped achieve their financial freedom. 




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