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Business Meeting

Business Loans

Expert Guidance

We work with major Canadian banks and private lenders to get your business loan approved at best interest rate and flexible repayment terms. If you do not have a business plan or any collateral, we will work with you. We believe in approving funding for a business by looking at the ongoing financial data and life of the business, not just the credit score. We’re faster, more reliable than crowd sourcing, and flexible with our borrowers!


Business Expansion Loans

Expert Guidance

All small businesses have one thing in common: the desire to grow and expand. The fact of the matter, however, is that businesses need capital to achieve this goal and we at First Choice, help you achieve it with the business expansion loans.


At First Choice, it is easy to get the truck and trailer financing no matter where in Canada you are located. You can get small and large commercial trucks along with any type of trailer you need with quick and easy financing.

Truck & Trailer Loans

Grow Your Business


Grow Your Business

When you find that your operating expenses are increasing faster than your revenue, you may need quick access to cash. In this case, you might consider a business line of credit, which offers several advantages over other forms of financing. A line of credit is a smart way to manage your cash flow that lets you access the funds you need, when you need them

Business Line of Credit (BOC)


Leasehold Improvements

Achieve Your Goals

Leasehold improvements refer to any upgrades a business owner may make to a leased space. Whether it’s upgrading the plumbing or installing custom cabinets, renovating a restaurant, there are a number of ways a business can use these improvements to their advantage — especially if they’re experiencing rapid growth.


Achieve Your Goals

Equipment loans are useful tools which are specially offered to ensure that businesses can maintain smooth operations. We can assist to get you any kind of equipment you need – from transportation and heavy machinery to medical office equipment financing. Getting the right equipment financing or equipment leasing in Canada is critical to successful business operations.

Equipment Loans

" A Big Part of Financial Freedom is Having your Heart and Mind Free from Worry About the What-Ifs of Life" -Suze Orman

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